Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ladies...and the grim reaper.

I swear it is purely coincidental that the majority of these posses a firearm or other potentially lethal item...I swear! The red is also a coincidence. These are in order they were done, the tribal woman being the earliest. This concludes my big update of some of my past works, anything posted from here on is new stuff!


Portrait and an eye.

I have always had trouble with faces, so thought it would be a good place to start. Not the best reference photo though, a little too over lit. I should really do a bunch more of these...

Still life's and a skull.

Yeah I got bored of fruit pretty fast, so next I moved onto a few still life's, and this skull. I don't really like the skull, not enough definition in general and some edges turned out hazier than I wanted. Oh well, a lesson learned and onto the next piece.

Digital painting...the studies commence!

So after I was done my portfolio I couldn't seem to pick up a pencil anymore. After losing hope with my digital paintings, I decided to stop doing complicated illustrations, slapped myself, and got to the basics. The following batch of posts will show my progress in the last month and a half, compared to my first five or so paintings which were done within a 2-3 year time frame. I cannot stress enough to anyone who wants to get into digital art to start off with simple subject matter and practice rendering. It will save you a lot of time and frustration. Anyways enough of my blabbering, here are my first set of studies, just plain old fruit.

Return of the personal pieces.

The eye painting was used in my first portfolio as well, I didn't leave myself with any time to do a new personal piece so threw it in there because...well...I had no choice.

Revenge of the storyboard, objects...and rooms.

Character design!...yep, still hate it.

Animals and hands.

All right got that over with, second portfolio time!

So now that you've seen what NOT to do, this second attempt is a bit more in the right direction. It's not perfect but I felt it was a good improvement, and thankfully the portfolio evaluators thought so too.

Personal pieces.

Storyboard, objects...and rooms.