Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Royal Winter Fair

So for one of our life drawing assignments we had to go to the Royal Winter Fair and draw a bunch of animals. It sounds pretty easy...theoretically at least...but animals are a lot harder to draw than I had expected due to half of them moving every two seconds. All though I started off drawing pretty horribly, towards the end I felt a lot more comfortable and got some decent stuff. I'd like to send a big thanks (again) out to a couple of my class mates (you know who you are!)who really helped me out at the fair and taught me how to draw much better animals. If it wasn't for them I'd be stuck with some really terrible drawings. I doubt they even read this but thanks girls, you saved me big time!

I feel some of my drawings are much better than others. I don't really like the horse and cow studies but I didn't have anything else I could use. I do however LOVE Llamas. Yes I would marry one if it were legal...wait maybe it is? They just have so much personality! And just for fun I included a 30-40 minute speed paint as my cover. Pai Mei Llama for the win, though I forgot his head roll thing. For some reason it has less contrast and is generally darker than when it was in Photoshop...grrrr.

In the end it was a really cool experience and I can't wait for the zoo trip in March. I did get a nasty cold out of the whole ordeal, but the epic train chase made up for it. We sprinted across the whole fair in this crazy fog and literally made the train by about 15 seconds, definitely as close a call as you can get.

Thanks for taking a look...until next time. *swoops away*

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Layout Skeches v.1's me...again... and here are some layout sketches! These are basically what I like to do when I have some free time at school or just feel like procrastinating on school work, which happens way way way too much. But yeah, these were all done within the first month of school, and I'll probably do more updates like this every few months, but hopefully with much better stuff. I have realized that the camera angles are pretty static in all of these, so my newer work should look much more dynamic and I'll be experimenting a lot more with composition and crazy perspectives. These are also meant to be very rough and just quick sketches for things that I may want to push further on in the future, such as digital paintings. And yeah...thanks for taking a look!