Sunday, August 22, 2010

Last digital version, here we go!

Yep, so this is like 99% sure the last digital version of my tattoo. Next step is to bring it to the tattoo artist and get it modified into something workable. I'm a bit worried that there will be significant changes, but I'm sure in the end that the outcome will still be awesome. Wish me luck!


  1. So, this is the tattoo you were talking about the other day. I wonder how the tattoo medium would have affected the final look of this design. Also... there's a lot of partially clothed ladies on this page of your blog, Tim... Dumbledore's room?

  2. Yep this is it! I tried to simplify the design, but since I have no idea with what tattoo artists are capable of doing I figured I would let them adapt it to something that is practical. In hindsight I am glad that I didn't go through with getting this. I know I can draw and paint way better than this so it would have just been a painful reminder of what I used to think was good. And as for the partially clothed ladies, they are just a coincidence and have nothing to do with Dumbledor's office!

  3. The rendering and tones are interesting also Haiwei likes the concept. However the structure and composition need work. Be clear only in certain areas, the whole thing doesn't need the same attention to detail as all the rest of the parts. Words of wisdom handed down by the Hai.
    Brave. Spirituality. Honour.
    Ohh, rah, rah, Tim, and you even wrote it in old school Chinese. Hai says though, that to be authentic Chinese don't put writing in obvious places and usually put in a stamp. Plus they be totally pretentious about calligraphy skills. I think it looks cools beans, but a bold, simple shape-based design with strong silhouette value would suit this best.

  4. I find that I keep getting trapped in the whole picture rather than just focusing on important aspects. Same thing happens with details.I didn't know anything about authentic Chinese characters, I guess my attempt is pretty cheesy haha. I might try and redesign this thing, if not for a tattoo, as an illustration.