Saturday, December 18, 2010

Character and Bones and Holidays!

So today was our last day of school before winter break, boy did the first term fly by. Looking back, I am not sure if I made as much progress as I feel I should have. It could be that I just need to take some time off and take a step back from my work to put everything in perspective. Nevertheless I shall continue on and see what happens, that's all we can really do. I just finished watching Tron as a finale for the end of first term, and I must say it was quite the visually stunning movie. I would highly recommend everyone to see it on the big screen if they get the chance. The Daft Punk soundtrack was awesome too! And I want to wish everyone a great holiday and hope you all get some sleep for once, you deserve it! Anyways I hate talking so much, here is some more of my work, enjoy!

I guess I should post some character stuff since I avoid it like the plague. I really hate feeling so frustrated when I do anything involving characters, there is just something about it that doesn't click with me. I guess it doesn't help that I don't do any real practice or that I quit after five minutes of trying. Looks like I'll have to smack myself and try to get better.

As well, here is the title page and one of five pages for my bone drawing assignment. I did about 85% of it the night before so I didn't have enough time to get my concept realized. Basically I was going for a high tech laboratory creating a robot based on the human skeleton. But it's my own fault for leaving a several month long exercise until the night before. The final bone sheets had labeling as well which I found out that we needed to do after class had all ready started. Yeah it was a brutal and late night to say the least, but it felt amazingly good to have it over with.

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