Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lifes Heart

Here is my latest painting, once again a revamp of a sketch, and gouache painting, that I did towards the beginning of the school year. This took way longer than I expected, due to restarting the painting about fives times in order to capture a more interesting perspective. Getting the colors to look somewhat natural was also a real struggle for me, some reference would have made my life way easier! Overall I'm fairly happy with the final piece, but it's still no where close to what I want to achieve. And you know what that means...more practice! But for now it will come in handy for decorating my new room. Let me know what you think, areas I can improve etc! Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Until next time...

P.S. Grrr The quality keeps getting messed up when I post paintings and seems to be pix-elating them a bit. I've tried saving the file as normal jpeg and also using the optimize for web option. Does anyone know why blogger is screwing up the image quality?